Good Evening Mr Treasurer !!

Good Evening Mr Treasurer !!
Herewith two photos of the splendid Vegetable Patch Frame you chaps made for me. The first photo


shows what it replaces.

I promised my husband last year that I would treat him to a new frame – and I have kept my promise.
I shall fill it with beans and Sweet-peas,  as that is what we had so much pleasure from. The more you pick the more you get. I also want to grow garlic, salads and whatever else takes my fancy.
He was a double dig man, I am a follower of the no-dig philosophy, whereby cardboard / breathable black garden sheeting is laid prior to the soil etc. being tumbled in.
So we shall see just how good or bad a vegetable gardener I become. Unfortunately, I do not have “Harrod’s” soil, nor a bowling-green flat area, but I do have “Old Grassland” with wonderful wildflowers therein.
Once again I want to thank you all most sincerely for making it for me. I loved the ingenuity of the two corners !!!
My kindest regards,
Adrienne Cox
[Ex- WRAC]