Testimonials And Letters

Good Evening Mr Treasurer !!
Herewith two photos of the splendid Vegetable Patch Frame you chaps made for me. The first photo shows what it replaces.
I promised my husband last year that I would treat him to a new frame – and I have kept my promise.
I shall fill it with beans and Sweet-peas,  as that is what we had so much pleasure from. The more you pick the more you get. I also want to grow garlic, salads and whatever else takes my fancy.
He was a double dig man, I am a follower of the no-dig philosophy, whereby cardboard / breathable black garden sheeting is laid prior to the soil etc. being tumbled in.
So we shall see just how good or bad a vegetable gardener I become. Unfortunately, I do not have “Harrod’s” soil, nor a bowling-green flat area, but I do have “Old Grassland” with wonderful wildflowers therein.
Once again I want to thank you all most sincerely for making it for me. I loved the ingenuity of the two corners !!!
My kindest regards,
A. C.
[Ex- WRAC]
Hello Steve,
Just a short note to thank your organisation for once again kindness shown to me. I popped into Douglas road this morning to see if someone would put some screw holes [four per sheet ] in these aluminium strips I had purchased, to fit on the bottom of the garage doors to keep the rats out. I initially spoke to Martin, but C in C Carpentry Division suddenly appeared and “man-splained” the situation. Bless them they even cut them to size, which I could have done – and C in C [C.D.] rubbished four holes per sheet and now I have a many holed strip x 4. Thank you and please thank Martin, even though he became puzzled at my measurements for garage doors and Keith. who organised the operation. All measurements are spot on.
My kindest regards
A. C.
To The Vets
David and myself would like to thank you for our gift of a new fridge freezer, we are both so very grateful. Thankyou.
Yours Sincerely
Avril & David Newell
To all the guys that came and painted my spare room, I’d like to say a massive thank you, they did a fantastic job, just perfect. I could not have done it on my own, it meant so much to me and my daughter who will be using it in the future. So once again thank you, thanks Mick and Marcus.
Del Clifford
Regards what you’ve done for me, I still don’t trust the world and struggle with all my issues like paranoia, depression, flashbacks and crippling anxiety but you have given me the space and understanding to go through all of this outside the four walls of my home. I was locked away for a long time but now I’m out in the world doing what little I can. I have hope now.
David M.
The Veteran’s Shed has helped and assisted me in the following ways: *Assisted with my general well being on a regular basis
* Ensured I was taken to medical appointments
* Assisted with my house move
* Ensured I had food when I couldn’t manage my own finances
* Put me in contact with various agencies that assisted with my mental help and alcohol dependence.
* Guided me and helped me to volunteer at a charity
* Helped me engage in the local community
* Visited me in hospital as I had no family local.
*Visited and supported me through a 12-week residential rehabilitation course in Liverpool.
In general, the Veteran’s Shed/Hub was a reliable constant in my life & I can honestly say that, without the sincerest heartfelt support from them, things could’ve turned out much worse for me.
As a reservist soldier, I did three tours of Afghanistan between 2003 and 2010. With this experience, I was appointed into a security manager’s position by a private security company in Afghanistan (2011) Over the next 5 years, I worked in high-risk security all over Afghanistan.
Towards the end of 2015, I began to display signs of depression and psychosis. I sought medical advice and became so ill I went voluntarily to Hergest ward in Ysbyty Gwynedd. On discharge, showing some improvement, I returned to Afghanistan into a less stressful role but became ill again and had to return home. From mid-2016 to early 2017 I was in and out of hospital.
I did approach Change Step, and register with them, there was some support in terms of phone calls and some accompaniment to GP but to be fair I was in a bad way but my feeling was I was very much a name on a list. However, the real catalyst came when I contacted Veteran’s Shed in early 2017.
The representative’s skills as a counsellor, mentor and advisor hooked me into activities which were of real benefit to me.
To be fair to both parties, when I contacted Change Step I was quite seriously in the midst of this illness but when I contacted Veteran’s Shed medication and time had improved my state of mind somewhat and I was calmer and more able to absorb the help perhaps, but contacting Vets Shed did, I feel, accelerate my recovery. Discharged from hospital and weaning steadily off medication, taking part in Vets Shed activities and being part of a group of like-minded individuals with similar issues, I was on the road to recovery. I was also working at the RWF museum in Caernarfon Castle.
In March 2017, my old company got in touch with me for an intelligence collator and analyst position in Kabul, Afghanistan – a lower risk position – I was feeling much better and nearly off the meds. 16 months later – I am still with the company.
The support and advice I received from the Veteran’s Shed helped me to return to this and the group continues to be a support structure to me, by email from Afghanistan and also meetings and phone calls when home.
G Williams
Please find enclosed a cheque as sponsorship for my brother’s recent hike up Snowdon – he says you do a lot of good work with ex-soldiers and local people so I trust this small cheque will help.
V. Northfield
Dear Martin
RE: Veteran’s Shed Wales (Conwy)
I am pleased to enclose a donation of £500 to the Veteran’s Shed Wales (Conwy) charity to help support the cost of educational projects. I have also taken the opportunity to enclose a personal donation. I wish you every success with what is undoubtedly a very worthwhile endeavour, which was brought to my attention by your former colleague Mark Northfield, who is currently gamekeeper on the farm neighbouring Stapleford granary.
Yours sincerely,
Paul Brooke Barnes
Secretary The ACE Foundation.
Just to say a huge thank you to the Veteran’s Shed for coming to Llanddulas British Legion and doing our garden from the overgrown mess to the perfect place to sit and have a drink. We are very grateful for all your hard work,
committee and customers thank you again.
The Committee.
Dear Mr Margerison,
I am writing to send my heartfelt thanks to the Veteran’s Club, Conwy, for the generous assistance it has provided to the Ty Hapus Community Resource Centre after it’s premises were sadly vandalised. I am touched to see the local community responding to this news with such resolve and the altruistic assistance which the veterans have provided to Ty Hapus is restorative of faith in the great potential for kindness that exists within our constituency. I hope the fellowship established between these two valuable organisations is built upon going forward and I sincerely thank the club for providing a model of community-mindedness which we could all do well to follow.
yours sincerely,
Janet Finch-Saunders AM/AC