Meeting Wednesday 28th February 2018 at 1900 hrs @ 22 Station Road Colwyn Bay
PRESENT: Martin Margerison, (MM), Gwyneth Eardley (Minutes), Mike, Vinnie, Ray, Marcus, Gareth, Michelle, husband and son, Michaela, Steve J Apologies: Jason, Linda, Dave, Dusty, Tom, Rusty, Evelyn
MINUTES of AGM 2017 proposed by Ray seconded by Mike
The meeting opened at hours 19.15
All members that live up the valley are not able to travel due to weather


Martin thanks everyone for the last 12 months effort and all their ongoing support.
Michaela – hope all goes well and receives the correct treatment. Please ask if you need any help.
Dave New , Going well with his treatment and we wish him and his family the best we can.
Dusty doing really well in his rehab and we also wish him well for engaging in the Tom Harrison house (THH) programme.
Rusty for persevering and making a superb effort in his social inclusion at work.
Steve Bruckshaw in getting employment and hope his new home is the start of a new beginning and of course FRANK from SSAFA FOR THEIR FINANCIAL HELP WITH Steve.
Lastly CREST for providing Steve with his furniture and other house appliances.
Drop-in: Continuing, on Wednesdays 1300-1500 ALSO 1900-2100 hrs in partnership with Veterans Hub Conwy (CVSC) and CREST CO-OPERATIVE. To continue as it is at the moment and also Jason who works with Veterans Hub.
Jason now working for CVSC, who send daily emails, thanks to them. Crest for a workshop in Junction and in near future due to open in Douglas Road, a much bigger space and that will hopefully brings in more work and veterans, we will be part of the YOUTH SHED in the near future.

Membership numbers: We now have 15 active members , 8 none active 16 supported. Most members 7/8 will usually go to the drop in, some older members from Rhyl area as well as.
Welcome Scott and Michelle from Betws, good to see you both with jay our first youth shed member, hopefully ??

SUBSCRIPTION AND D/D’S: £2 per week, there will be a vote in March to increase the subscription to £2.50 or make a D/D of £10 per month as this may be able to be match funded and if so your contribution will be doubled.

Members help and our constitution: Martin spoke on our constitution and the fact we are here as Veterans in the company of like minded people. We have to keep our ears and eyes open with regards to those that may be in difficulty.
We to have a constitution which has to be in place, without which we cant get a bank account or get involved in different co-op’s or apply for funding, this is now done.

(Safeguarding policy) in all aspects of financial, physical and mental issues and were possible be on hand to offer advice guidance signposting and help through the HUB. The fact we are an arm of MENS SHED and should utilise this. What are we here for and what can we do? To help and assist like minded people and to be socially inclusive.

If there are any concerns about another member please keep Martin and Jason informed so help can be sorted for them. A lot of members benefit from verbal/emotional support. We are also here to assist and help with projects within our local community

W.R.A.C. Membership: 9 plus 2 male friends. Lynda also deals with other people over the internet.
Handouts for well being and daily diaries are available if wanted please just ask.

Welfare help and contacts. Hand outs available from the HUB, please use these items, we will endeavour to update our web site with relevant information. Jason is always willing to help if available but will always get back to you if needed, again please use this facility, if you don’t ask we can’t resolve issues.

The Chairman would like every member to read and sign our constitution in MARCH 30TH at the “voting” meeting.



A. JUNCTION: Workshop and induction centre – approached Crest 8 months ago and were given a work area. Started by making bird boxes. In high demand but Crest are selling well.
Any new members will have an induction in Junction, before moving over to Colwyn Bay. Still a few outstanding jobs to be completed in Douglas Road before we can move over full time.
A list of electrical equipment that we propose to use will be listed and forwarded to ensure the power source in Douglas Road is suitable for our needs.

Junction – be careful around the LD service users, they have their own problems and this can cause problems with their personal difficulties and we must be mindful of this when operating machinery at certain times.

If you are making items please list and receipt what you are making and any purchases for that item.
There is a sheet to list goods made, please ensure the correct “made by veterans at CREST” sticker is applied before putting these in the shop.
If buying anything please keep the receipt and pass to Mart so income can be recorded.
Already there has been a lot of outgoings to finish projects and hopefully when we get to Douglas Road we should be able to store and sell items through outlets, 30% to Crest rest to Vets after outgoings sre completed.

Colwyn Bay – outhouse – due to be finished in about 1 week. Dave is then due to finish what he is doing and then hopefully at Crest full time.

Waiting for a van to be fitted out, 1 Vet and 1 another. If you have any concerns please let Mart know so the appropriate action can be taken.

Also will help the lads in the van but not for free, some sort of financial ‘reward’ will be expected.

B. BAY: Metal/ woodwork workshop and bespoke items, we should be working with youth shed at this location soon!

C. FARM: Ponds, Fishing, Bee keeping, animal husbandry, Camping, bush craft, allotments, archery ect ect –
Michelle, Jay, Scott, have property at Betws-y-Rhos, who are offering a fantastic opportunity for Vets Shed. Have large farm property, holiday homes, 2 large ponds which need cleaning out and restocking, fishing, bee keeping, camping, animals, allotments, growing veg, shooting, bows and arrows!! Jay Martin putting in a bid through to assist in this project which is aptly names “FORCES OF NATURE”

7 bed house in Abergele, Jason, Mart and Dusty are talking to OTHER 3RD PARTY interests who hopefully will be willing to take up this offer and be used for Veterans that are struggling at the moment and or respite facilities! NO PROMISES BUT FINGERS CROSSED.

Scott and Michelle are being very generous, yet we must not forget the land and properties are their business and we need to be respectful of this.

D. EQUIPMENT: Purchasing, protecting, accountable, dress, safety, – please be careful. Need to try and find suitable courses to ensure that any risks are reduced and that insurance is covered.
If suitable pieces of equipment come up for sale please just check with Martin before to make sure we haven’t already got them.
Also again please keep receipts.
Please make sure when things are being put away they have been put safely as personal items are not insured through Crest and as we have most of our own tools this could cause issues, also to make sure nothing goes missing use the locked spaces allocated.
We are hopeful that once we move to the Bay all tools will be moved over.
Make sure the correct clothing is being worn ie steel toecaps etc and the correct protocol adhered to as befitting of a veteran and those that offer their assistance.


1. BODELWYDDAN CASTLE: Mike Galston, Jed and Lorraine, – Mick has seen Jed 2/3 weeks ago, explained that we are not willing to spend time just filling sandbags, he was in agreement to that.
Mick has sent a long email, and will probably go there next on 16 March. Mick will try and go down there before that date. Trenches, collapsing, builders error, who will put this right.

Lorraine looking at putting museum inside hotel, Mick has stepped back from that because if its inside Warner will be charging.


WRAC – Evelyn’s garden needs finishing – name plate ½ way through it. Furniture – Steve make some beautiful lights, all available to see on Vet website. WWW.VETERANSSHEDUK.COM
Bespoke furniture – table gone missing!!

We need to prioritise projects, as we are getting very busy. At least every 2-3 weeks we will do a ‘round robin’. Will put list up with dates and then can add name if available, once we have the stability of Douglas Road sorted.

Courses which are available will also be put on website, so please check. If anyone wants to take part in any training/courses please let us know.
Basic sign language (BSL) intro is available. Any courses you will need to pay 50% deposit as people have let us down, Vets Shed will endeavour to pay the rest depending on the applicant and or costings.

Please give feedback on website, and make sure YOUR email addresses, and contact details are up to date. Please pass on cards/Networking etc

PROJECTS AND DATES: Due to some member work and or inactivity it has become an issue to prioritize our projects
And a list with dates will be put on the board. It makes sense that when there are enough names the projects will go ahead.
Courses: There have been several courses attended, safeguarding, first aid but two. Anyone wishing to do a specific course should apply to the HUB and enquire. Our aim is to get people with specific qualifications onto relevant projects and to help put people in work specific course to help employment chances if needed. OUR AIM SHOULD BE TO HAVE ALL OUR MEMBERS EITHER RETIRED OR IN EMPLOYMENT OF SOME SORT!

CVSC MEMBERSHIP. We are members of the local volunteering organisation and they send out numerous mails highlighting potential course and projects, these , where required will be put onto the site with contact details, AS OF END OF MARCH ONLY SPECIFIC MAILS WILL BE SEND OUT, ALL INFORMATION WILL GO THROUGH THE WEB SITE, please let me know if you have applied so the shed can update our records. – will only put on website things of interest. However if you have applied for a course please let us know as we need feedback.

VOLUNTEERING: What benefits does volunteering have to the individual and the group? – if volunteering we can claim like for like funding hours.
Any meeting, travel, project, Evelyn’s garden etc, should be noted and put on paper so the shed can try and claim back at least fuel costs and food costs, this then means that we aren’t relying on other charities ie SAFFA, British Legion.

The web site, The site is now running WWW. VETERANSSHEDUK.COM please uses this and comment where appropriate. There are only three people with access to the password, this does not stop you making comments on the site.
The site will be updated when and where needed and e mails to members will only be sent out in important cases or at the end of the month.

Networking. Please let others know through your contacts what the shed and hub are about, friends and family are welcome as part of our social inclusion policy.

COURSE AVAILABILITY: Please be wary that most courses require immediate responses so keep your eyes on the web page. As said, there will be a list come March which will need you to put your name and availability on dates so we can inform those people who we have promised to do work for.

Require account to be audited: By? Moving building, 22 Station Road has been handed over and we are waiting for information, we have other venues which hopefully will be our last, watch this space.
Vinnie – Crest – shop window – must have receipts for books and tax? Might have difficulty tracing goods that are donated. Alison (Crest employee) has told Vinnie that there should be a button on the till. Please make sure all receipts are claimed so outgoings can be claimed back.
Martin: This has been confirmed by Rod and Phil from Crest1

Maintenance van – going through Colwyn Bid – 2 men in a van will do small community jobs. Don’t know who the veteran is or the other person.

Steve – feels he has ‘just put in place to fill gap’. Any jobs should be put on website so Vets know what is due to take place. Some concerns about the van as will have Vet Shed sign on and we don’t know the vet.
There are residential vacancie’s at the above for any veteran that has pain. Please mail me or wait until March 30th to get specific details and application if interested.
Note from Michelle and Scott Kervin (for those these are the Farm owners)
Martin: The shed will organise a visit to the farm to see the potential this project has, we have also said that we will support Scot and he has said he may be able to do the 3 peaks in June with the shed, Scott’s accomplishments so far and what he is doing this year. I will bring this up at the meeting i march to see if we have volunteers to assist and support.
So far he’s already done Winter Fan Dance Jan 6th, Cambrian High walk Jan 27th and Rhyl 10 mile Feb 24th.
To follow he has
March 31st Cambrian Endurance Events Alpha series
JUNE 16TH OR 23RD 3 PEAKS VETERANS HUB CHALLENGE (Dates will be confirmed due to Falklands week end and also veterans golf and ARMED FORCES DAY 30TH )
July 7th Avalanche Endurance events Woodhouse (Brecon)
July 21st N. Wales half marathon
August 4th Snowdonia pure challenge 45k
22nd September Cambrian Endurance events Spartan Series 40 miles.

Michelle and Jay usually go with him to support him as work allows, They have a dog friendly holiday cottage booked for Brecon and Cambrian events. (potential week-end away for the shedders ??)
Online services: Welfare advice can be gained online through the web, if you need advice please ask myself or Jason for guidance.
First aid certificates: Well done those that have attended, 12 certificates gained, great news guys.
Shoe boxes for forces: Welsh Guards first as due to be deployed, will organise date. During the March meeting, martin will send a guidance list and we will endeavour to send shoe boxes to the soldiers.
Away trips: Please look at Scotts programme and we can vote a date in, also due to past trips and people pulling out, all trips will be voted and a 50% payment will be required and any subsidies voted in, this should alleviate people pulling out at the last minute.
Charity sponsor for a blind dog! Vote in March

FUTURE EVENTS : June 9th 3 peaks challenge Date changed from 16th, admin to follow in March meeting
June 15th Veterans Golf Conwy (TBC)
June 16th Falklands week end
June 30th Armed forces day

TREASURER’S REPORT Suggested we pay subs even if we don’t turn up.
Can now pay through Pay Pal, on website and maybe pay monthly at £10 per month, subs going up from £2 to £2.50.
looking at funding ASDA and ?? £1000, will need to provide list of items brought/need. might have to offer to do Bag filling!!!!
We will also look for affordable insurance, Only expecting people to pay the 50p increase if they can afford it. Families will only pay ONE payment!
Vote in March

Subs: £39.13p + £28 (AGM) =67.13p

Credit Union, for charitable use. £214.31p

Lloyds: Funding and equipment purchases: £400.00p
SORT CODE: 30-90-09 TOTALS= £681,44P
Change of committee. CHAIR, VICE CHAIR, TREASURER, W.R.A.C. Chair, researcher,
(to be voted in AT March meet),
HOW LONG IN POST ?? Martin expressed his resignation as of JULY 25TH 2018 due to personal issues but would like to remain in some form of administration and volunteer were possible.
NEXT MEETING: Tuesday 6TH Crest ! Wednesday 7TH Drop inn ALSO H4H RUBY AND JIFFY!
MARCH 30TH FOR VOTING, The meeting closed at 21.06