Meeting 29th March 2017 at 1900 hrs
PRESENT Martin Margerison (MGM) Chairman Treasurer Colin Rigby
MINUTES proposed by LG seconded by DT

CHAIRMAN’S REPORT (MM) The shed has remained stable over the last year and I would like to thank everyone past and present in your support. We have been involved in several projects which have provided donations and ideas for future events and work.
The club has been supported by Men’s Shed Wales on several occasions and we thank them for this.
We must also remember our friend James and we are is a tribute to his help. RIP James our friend.
General Points:
1. Well being and people’s health, this should be our priority, help organisation list. The list can be exhaustive yet it is out there and our new contact Jason Palmer from Conwy Armed Forces Hub has provided us with a guide to those organisations and as we see our own members do benefit from being in the club and we must make every effort to use organisations for those affected.
2. Members health Gareth, going forward with job centre: Dusty, Working at his addiction with our support, Vinny: coming along well and still in touch, Michaela, TBC Dave N, TBC: Derek, going for his op soon, Colin: ALL, fingers crossed and onwards.
3. Orbat for tasks has been slightly awkward and needs looking at again for future projects. We have none workers and workers which requires different approaches to tasks. Men’s shed requires a vote and a payment before, days out such as the copper mines or Boddelwyddan Castle. There has been some apathy which the men’s shed have discovered so we are establishing a policy of a percentage payment before any bookings to stop people from pulling out at the last minute and cover any costs incurred.
A. Venue usage and payments, here, Kickboxing, Vic club, payments and subs, Subs, not fair on few supplementing the rest as we are waiting to try and get some form of funding, this affects our Business cards and our venue(s) usage and payments. It has come to our attention that a review of subs and rent for venues and have looked at other places and prices also a review of how the subs are paid as some feel they are supplementing others. During the next period, we feel that things will even out and stabilise and whilst we do require some form of funding the subs will increase slightly between now and next AGM in 20018
B. Gardening tools, do we have enough and are we utilising them? YES, at this moment but we do need some donated external tools to stop damage to our own private equipment.
C. External power tools, Have several personal tools….Look into funding over this year as it will give us a better idea as to what when where equipment is required.
D. Proposed purchases, these are to enhance our profile and need authorisation from the members.
1. Gazebo, donated by Ray and Family
2. Laser engraver, done but not as effective as first thought.
3. Power system, a small generator to power tools as we have now lost the container workshop.
Thank you to Emlyn Evans jobcentre plus for assistance with Gareth W
The constitution, are you happy and does it require any alterations? Yes and must be worked on as we move on and should be published on the website accordingly.
Help organisation list, can you send me anything that may help the shed, Jason is our Conwy contact.
Golf and new to golf, this item is to submit a team to play in the Armed Forces Golf as last year, DTG will appear when ready.
Courses that people want to do. Please, can individuals submit any course as a veteran that you may wish to attend that will benefit both the group and the individual in potential work placement?
Buying working gear, consent. Any safety equipment needed can be requested through the committee were we will look at potential 50% subsidy if needed for projects. This equipment generally should be provided by the project managers at the site.
Change step ??????? We are still unsure and are still getting referrals to us yet the North Wales branch seem to be inactive or rather not pro active, certainly with regards to the veterans shed, they wanted us to go alone and see what we can do!
The website, Can we expand or are we happy, is there anything that could enhance our profile? A very contentious subject as to what we really need and it will run its course so long as we input within the legal requirements of social media, 2017 will be good for the site and we can expand as we move on.
Selling of equipment and business names! Part of the website extension during 2017
1. Projects
a. Glebeland, TBC as the container has now gone and little comms from the site over future projects.
b. Graves, list is done and we will continue to look at maintenance in the future.
c. Memorial, having had some poor and selfish comments over the remembrance day the future of veterans help is at this moment on hold.
d. Castle trench volunteering, please fill in the volunteering form with bank details and vehicle registration so we can conduct the correct process for payments and times.

2. Dates
A. Fri 31st Mar 1000 meeting with crest, junction
B. Sat 8th April 0930-1230 Conwy Library
C. Wed 12th April 1600-1900 Llanwrst Library
D. Tues 18th April Colwyn Bay Library
E. Thurs 20th April 1000-1400 Llandudno job centre
F. Thurs 20th April 1600-1900 Llandudno library
G. Sat June 17th, 0800-1600 Caernarfon Castle armed forces open day
H. Friday, June 23rd Armed forces Golf at Maesdu


TREASURER’S REPORT statement of funds required, Subs………………….. Bank account ……………………..