Meeting Wednesday 6th April 2016 at hrs @ Llanddulas youth and community centre
at The Youth and Community Centre, Llanddulas
PRESENT: Martin Margerison, MM, John Johnson,JJ, Colin Rigby,CR, Derek Marston,DM, James Caveney,JC, Lynda Goodier,LG, Davey Newall, DN
Doctor Huw Lloyd, Brian Bell, Wendy Williams.
Apologies: Danny Thomas, Adam Owen, David Baggerly, Steve Williams, Dan Harrison, Andy Jones, Ray Weatherson, Stuart Miller, Shaun Nield.
MINUTES proposed by seconded by (NA, no minutes to be read)
The meeting opened at 1330 hours.
CHAIRMAN’S REPORT (MM) The Chairman thanks everyone for their attendance and help.
The Chairman Mr Martin Margerison spoke about our previous meeting held in February 2016 and how April would be our start point which we have now reached!
Drop-in: Continuing, on Wednesdays PM, for now, we are having a Wednesday evening start as of 4th May 1900-2100 hrs
Membership numbers: We now have 22 members plus a further 4 possible
Members help and our constitution: Martin spoke on our constitution and the fact we are here as Veterans in the company of like-minded people. We have to keep our ears and eyes open with regards to those that may be in difficulty in all aspects of financial, physical and mental issues and were possible be on hand to offer advice guidance signposting and help. The fact we are an arm of MENS SHED and should utilise this. What are we here for and what can we do? To help and assist like-minded people
1. Welfare help and contacts. We are looking at any information that can assist us in offering help. We as a shed have quite a few mentors who have the experience to offer advice and help.
2. The Chairman would like every member to read and sign our constitution
Men’s Shed activities and information boards.
Our info, This will be sent to the Men’s shed so they can help and give advice where possible, we still remain a Veterans organisation and deal with our own issues as such
Their info and invites: We have been invited to their workshop days, noted on our information board.
Projects: Below are some of the projects that the community are asking for help with. The notice board in the Shed will be kept up to date and individuals wishing to help out with projects can add their name to the project when enough members are included then the project will go ahead.
1. A. Container move date and location: At this moment we are now in the process of moving the container to Colin’s site in Anglesey, however, we (at the end of the meeting) have been shown by Doc Huw Lloyd and Brian bell an area where the container can go on the Glebe land field. This, of course, has certain operating restrictions which will be talked about and confirmed soonest. So that is a good move?
b. The glebe field will need some initial help with a local man who has a digger to clear a 25ft x 10 ft clearing for the container DTG TBC.
c. Dr Huw Lloyd spoke of his concerns about the container being on the Glebe land. Our Chair allayed his concerns. Dr Huw Lloyd stated that he would take our request to Parochial Church Council which was being held later that evening.
2. a. War Memorial update: John Johnson and Cllr Wendy Williams have agreed to work on the next phase of having the names added to the Llanddulas memorial and are looking at having some form of fete for November 2018, which is a Sunday. We need to look forward on this and start the process of putting ideas together as this is the end of the great war which will mean people will already start booking venues and acts for that day, all ideas welcome.
b. Military Graves: The Church has requested help to look after the war graves and the memorial within the Church.
3. Local assistance: The community council have been requested to forward any help they may need to the secretary so this can be put to the members. Anybody that has any ideas or know of people within their community that may need help to please bring it to the drop in.
The website, The site is now running WWW. Veteransheduk. Weebly.com please use this and comment where appropriate, you may also feed this through your own media sites. There are only two people with access to the password, John J and Martin M for now.
Networking. Please network our shed with your friends and family.
Online services: Martin spoke about the Veterans Badge and The Defence Discounts Service, these are available and the information is on the notice board.
Change of committee. It was asked if people were happy with the set up at this moment and it was agreed to continue for now as it is.
AGM DATE: As we have agreed, the committee will only meet every 3 months unless an extra ordinary meeting is called, therefore our next meeting will be 6th July 16?


TREASURER’S REPORT a. Bank statement! £300

b. Subscriptions This currently is £1 for your tea and biscuits any pennies are welcome.

c. Just giving Mr., Colin Rigby gave an up to date assessment of our accounts. and we are waiting for Crowdfunding-Just giving to pay in the amount raised by John Johnson. (£650 or thereabouts, after deductions). We are in a healthy position.
John Johnson was asked to chase up Crowdfunding-Just giving in regards to our bank account.
Next meeting is to be 6th July 2016 1930 hrs
The meeting closed at 1425.
John D Johnson