Three Peaks Challenge 2018

Martin Margerison of the Veterans Shed U.K. is looking for veterans and others to get involved in a charity event this June.


James served for twelve years in the Royal Corps of Transport and died in 2016 aged 56 of long-term alcohol problems. He was an inspiration in the formation of the shed and an active fundraiser for local charities and veterans organisations. James family have asked if it is possible that we, the shed take his ashes to all three peaks as that was part of his bucket list, we have provisionally said yes.

The shed has helped charities and provided assistance to the communities since February 2016 and more importantly allowed like-minded people to support each other by accessing help and meeting to discuss problems and how to deal with them, for the most part quite successfully.

The general outline for the challenge.
Whilst most of this administration letter is cut and pasted the overall administration is specific to the James Caveney and Veterans Shed Wales (JC&VS WALES) to raise a minimum of £3000 towards the veterans shed and charities (cancer research/Dewi Sant Hospice and MS society) supporting veterans Crest Cooperative and Men’s Shed to take place this June 2018.

The Three Peaks Challenge involves climbing the three highest peaks in England, Wales and Scotland, often within 24 hours.
This will be clarified by the end of 2017 as to numbers, times, people and as weather allows.
There is a 6 man team nominated by Mark “Merlin” Northfield who will do the official challenge as laid down. There will also be members of the veterans shed and their families who may wish to also do the peaks without impeding the nominated team.
The veterans will organise and run the “base/admin” camps for the nominated team.
There will be two administration teams and a support team from the veterans.
A detailed letter will follow this with detailed service support to the challenge.
Support team will operate from Wales and monitor the progress of the challengers.

CHALLENGERS. A team of 6, nominated by Mark will attempt to complete the 3 peaks challenge in a time (tbc)


ADMIN 1. Will be located at Ben Nevis to conduct and support the challengers, they will then move to Snowdon to team up with the support team

ADMIN 2. Will be located at Scarfell Pike to receive the challengers and support their admin, they will move to Snowdon with the challenge team.

SUPPORT TEAM. Will be located at Snowdon and will set up the admin camp ready to receive the challengers and admin teams.
At this point, families and friends are welcome to participate in climbing Snowdon without impeding the challengers and help in the post BBQ at that location.

Registration provides guidance on organising a safe and responsible challenge, as well as recording your challenge online, and promoting any fundraising. Certificates of completion are included.
Registration costs £6 per person and is available online at


DRESS: As service or ex-service personnel we should have our own standards of what to wear and to carry, this can be organized by the challengers, however, the list below each heading is advisory for those who wish to make the ascent; under no circumstance will other people take priority over the challengers.

Kit to wear
Walking boots (mandatory, not trail shoes or trainers)
Walking socks (wearing a single pair recommended, rather than using a liner sock)
Walking trousers (lightweight trousers, not jeans or tracksuit trousers)
Sports top (not cotton)
Windproof jacket
Optional: Thermals

To carry with you
Maps Ben Nevis, OS Explorer 392 map
While Scafell Pike OS Explorer OL 6 map (South Western Lakes).
Snowdon OL 17 OS Explorer Map.
Bergan daysack
Compass/ GPS
Hill snacks
Gloves (+ spares)
Hat (covering ears + spare)
Mobile phone (with emergency numbers)
1 to 1 radios
Spare socks
Blister plasters
Head torch
Marker panels
At the administration sites:
The sites and or accommodation TBC
Tents (numbers TBC) these will be dependent on weather and times of ascent/decent and or location, Snowdon admin will set up for challengers and admin, families will organize their own, this may include people in the admin teams!
Gazebo and windbreaks (for washing)
Sleeping bags/blanket
Cooking equipment
Food and water (challengers to have any specific food)
Washing facilities bowls soap towels
Mobile phones (with emergency numbers)
Spare equipment
First aid kit
Sunglasses & suncream
Head Torch
Emergency shelter
Survival blanket
Recommended: walking poles
Food (main supplies, carry some snacks)
Changes of clothes
4 litres of water per person
Light shoes/sandals

It is proposed that a minibus will take the challengers followed with a car (breakdown).
The vets will organise their own transport to carry equipment.
Normal first parade of vehicles should be implemented; it may be pertinent to take a heavy duty jack for mini bus.
Two dedicated drivers, who won’t be walking with you, are really important to ensure your safety when travelling between the mountains.

Ben Nevis is the most popular start point, but you can choose either.
The postcode for the Ben Nevis Visitor Centre car park is PH33 6ST.
Parking here is £3 for cars, and £10 for minibuses and coaches.
Scarfell Pike: car park postcode Wasdale Head is CA20 1EX.

Snowdon: follow either the Pyg Track or Miners Track, leaving from the Pen-y-Pass car park, on the A4086. The postcode for the Pen y Pass car park at Snowdon is LL55 4NY — parking here costs £10 all day, or £4 for 4 hours.

Fuel, food and expenses: can all receipts be kept and submitted to the vets co-ordinator at the end and we will discuss payments.
A sheet of ALL participants will follow containing Name, DOB, NOK, vehicles type make VRN AND OTHER DETAILED INFORMATION.

The start will be confirmed by the challengers as “D” day.
D -1 will be the set up of Ben Nevis site and Scafell Pike
D will be the start of the challenge (TBC yet normal for the team to finish the Nevis decent by last light so as to travel to Scafell and start first light and onto Snowdon with the said 24 hours.
The Snowdon admin team will set up on this day.
Other participants will do the pre recce and ascent decent before the challengers so as not to interfere with the task in hand.

Further detailed information will follow.

Marty Margerison
Veterans shed U.K.

3 thoughts on “Three Peaks Challenge 2018

  1. Well, I think this is an absolutely fantastic thing to do. I had no idea this was even possible to do in 24 hours! What a great challenge, What struck me is the amount of gear you have to take with You so I’m guessing you need to be super fit to attempt this. Do you train for this kind of event?


    1. Hi Stefanie, thanks for your comment. You don’t have to be superfit but a certain level of fitness is always a good idea when taking on a challenge like this and training for such an event is always a good idea!


  2. Hey steve,

    Thank you very much about the wonderful and informative articles about the required tools, equipment, and the required clothing to use in climbing the peak of mountain.
    Actually, I did climb any peak of mountain before, and I don’t have a plan to do it because I don’t have any experience.
    Any way, if someone like doesn’t have any experience and want to know what is the required tools, it is highly recommend to visit this page!


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