First Thoughts by Steve Jones


Around four months ago, I was invited to attend a meeting of ex-military by a friend and comrade of mine. We had served alongside each other for many years ‘back in the day.’
So, not really knowing what to expect, I found myself popping along to my first ever Veterans shed meeting at station road in Colwyn Bay.
After introductions where made, I got myself comfy with a brew in hand and listened to what was being said.
What I found was a group of like-minded, ex-service personnel fo all ages and from all walks of life. The banter and wind-ups where flowing thick and fast and the atmosphere was great to experience.
Those of you ‘in the know’ will understand what I mean when I say that it is something I have not experienced anywhere outside of military circles.
Aside from all the hilarity and jokes, I found that there is a very serious side the Veterans shed. They do a lot within the local community with such things as fundraising, volunteer work and also helping and supporting some of the members that are finding life more of a struggle than others.
They are currently involved with voluntary work at Bodelwyddan castle WW1 trench system and are also staring what will hopefully be a long-term project with the Crest Cooperative in Llandudno Junction.
In the short time I have been there they continue to receive new members and they continue to push the envelope with regards to the things they can do and the people they can help.
As I said earlier, it was around four months ago that I first heard of the Veterans Shed. Today I am happy to say that I am really getting stuck into all aspects of the club and I am really enjoying all that we do. More than that, I am enjoying the company and friendship of every single member. I find that the banter and comradeship help with my own issues and puts me in a good place.
I know this sort of thing doesn’t appeal to everyone but it costs nothing other than a little of your time to come and check us out.
Who knows, you might be the one with the great ideas that move us ever onwards? maybe, like me, you will find that the Veteran’s Club puts you in a better place too.