A Bridge Not Too Far

A tremendous effort from members of the Veterans Shed was undertaken last week when we took on the task of helping out a member of the local community.
A lady living in the Conwy Valley was unable to access the back half of her garden as there was a large ditch, which she was unable to cross, running through her garden.
We came up with the idea of building a bridge and putting it in place for her.

The bridge was constructed by us at the Crest Co-operative in Llandudno Junction and then we transported it up the Valley.

We managed to put the bridge in place and also clear the completely overgrown back half of the garden in around three hours whilst Evelyn, the lady in question kept us going with tea and the SAS (soup and sandwiches!)

As the ground was sloping down towards the bridge we also cut some steps into the slope so that access to the bridge would be easier. We will be returning in the near future to make the steps more permanent.

All in all, a successful operation which, I might add, was done at no cost apart from the use of our own money to purchase the materials used in the construction of the bridge and, of course, our own time which we were happy to give.