Growing Our Funds.

Since joining with the Vets Shed I have taken it upon myself to look into various ways in which we might be able to grow our funds.
In the latest edition of the Mens’ Shed UK newsletter ‘Shoulder to shoulder’ is an article about getting match funding through
They have been running a very successful match funding program since 2012 called “Grow your tenner.”
This year it starts on the 17th October and runs through to midday on the 16th November or until the funds run out, whichever is sooner.
While they will match individual donations up to ten pounds, I am more interested in the monthly donation system.

As you can see by the above picture, If I was to set up a monthly standing order/Paypal payment of ten pounds after 6 months they will match my payments for the next six months.

This means over the course of one year, I will donate £120.
Once this has gone through Local Giving and has gained both Match funding and Gift Aid, it becomes £210. That’s an extra £90 pounds on top of my donations!

Even if only a few of us are willing to take part in this program it will greatly enhance our funds and give us the ability to have a greater impact both with supporting our own members and helping in the local community.
This, in turn, will get our brand better known and hopefully attract more members.

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