Up And Running

So here we are with our website finally out there in the big wide world! Please feel free to have a good root around and take the opportunity to come up with some comments or feedback.

As you may discover, the site is a long way from finished but it is an ongoing project and it will be updated and amended on a regular basis so any feedback would be greatly appreciated.



4 thoughts on “Up And Running

  1. Thanks everyone involved in our projects, veterans, 1Welsh Guards recruiting team, the work experience team, the Bodelwyddan great war trench project, Crest co-operative and many more. Your work with veterans and community projects with NO funding has surpassed all expectations.
    Again thanks all
    onwards and upwards
    Martin M
    Veterans shed Wales (Conwy)


  2. Oak trees from little acorns grow. Keep up the good work and may you go from strength to strength.


  3. Great place to go for veterans , kettles always on
    Good banter between the many regiments that attend.
    And great to catch up with former comrades and new
    Friends,looking forward to crest tomorrow!


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